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Of Note: ‘More Than A Feeling’ by Breanna Rubio

Of Note: ‘More Than A Feeling’ by Breanna Rubio

Hailing from Denver, CO, Breanna Rubio was discovered in 2014 at a Big Talent Showcase in Orange County, CA.  She’s been a very busy girl ever since.

Her first single, ‘Fly Alone’ (feat. Fat Joe and D.One), had no trouble breaking into the Top 25 on Billboard’s Dance Club Play Chart.  And ‘More’ seems to be having no trouble following in its footsteps, as it is currently sitting at #15.

A truly solid dance track, ‘More Than A Feeling’ slinks by on a chunky surge of synths, while Rubio’s vocals are as sweet as they are smooth. 

Currently a Sophomore at Colorado State University, Breanna sings the national anthem at many sporting events and is a headliner at concerts and local coffee shops in Fort Collins. 



Of Note: ‘Generate’ by Eric Prydz

Of Note: ‘Generate’ by Eric Prydz

Oh, my… how time flies. 

In 2004, Eric Prydz ‘Call On Me’ which sampled Steve Winwood’s classic ‘Valerie’ was inescapable.  Two years later, the same was true of his ‘Proper Education’ which sampled Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick In The Wall’.  Folks, we are talking about worldwide smashes! 

Both are still in my CD collection and on my Gen 1 IPod. 

Mr. Prydz has enjoyed numerous club hits and has been releasing music on the three labels he owns: Pryda, Pryda and Friends, and Mouseville, since 2002. 

‘Generate’ finds him in classic form.  There’s a bit of the grandiose, sterile, ghost in the machine, atmospherics of classic U2, or, perhaps, more so, classic Styx or The Alan Parsons Project. 

It’s repetitive, for sure, and, for some, that is enough to damn it.  That’s why I would suggest sticking with the radio edit, rather than the seven minute plus full-length version. However, with the radio edit clocking in at 2:45, it serves as the perfect palate cleanser. 

All those icy synths.  Brrrrr… it’s like living in a world made of stainless steel.

‘Generate’ is currently sitting at #9 on Billboard’s Dance Club Play Chart, after having peaked at #8.. 




Of Note: ‘Caution Tape’ by Starling Glow

Of Note: ‘Caution Tape’ by Starling Glow

Starling Glow (Liz Hill) is a relative newcomer, having only been on the scene as an artist since 2013.  Her music casts a wide net, including alternative, pop, rock, dance, and electronica.  She writes her own material and has a knack for seemingly insightful lyrics wrapped up in a healthy serving of pop du jour. 

Her first single, ‘We Are Infinite’ peaked at #19 on Billboard’s Dance Club Play Chart.  She has since released her self-titled debut album and a second single, the propulsive, slyly knowing ‘Caution Tape’.

It’s Dave Aude’s remix work that makes this track click and Ms. Hill’s vocals are all the better due to his atmospherics.  The song itself is good, but Aude supplements something lacking in the original with his surging electronics. He did a similar job on ‘We Are Infinite’. 

I love the builds and the chunky synths as much as I love the subject matter. 

Personally, I like the idea of someone ‘discovering’ someone – revealing the good that lies in another person, despite the risk of rejection.  Redemption can come at the hands of another – their bravery and the effort spent when reaching out to someone who is living in self-imposed emotional exile on a psychological island of sorts demonstrates to the person being rescued that something of value lives there.  

Something the other would rather not live without.

Recluses are frequently high quality people.  They’re simply a bit more prickly, no doubt still licking their wounds, stinging from life’s bitter lessons. In that state of mind, it’s so easy to reside alone, to get set in one’s ways. It takes a very brave soul to break down those walls in the hope of proving that life is more worthwhile in the company of others.

It isn’t always successful.

But it is certainly an admirable and worthwhile effort.