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Of Note: ‘Hey, Boy’ by Goapele

Of Note
‘Hey, Boy’ by Goapele

Stylish, jazzy, on the cool side, and somewhat reminiscent of Sade, Goapele (pronounced gwa-puh-LAY), is an American soul and R&B singer-songwriter with roots in South Africa. An artist who actively seeks community change, her name means ‘to move forward’ in Setswana, a Southern African language.

‘Stronger Than Glass’ is her fifth album, released on her own label, Skyblaze with distribution via BMG.

She’s a class act; smart, vocally alluring, and visually stunning.


Of Note: 'Runaway' by Electric Youth

Of Note: 'Runaway' by Electric Youth

The first time I heard this song I thought to myself, "So this is what it sounds like to have a dream fully realized.  To create something exactly as you envisioned it and achieve a kind of personal perfection."  Rich and warm and yet icily ethereal, 'Runaway' manages precisely that. 

Electric Youth is a duo from Ontario, Canada featuring the lush sounds of Austin Garrick and the hypnotic vocals of Bronwyn Griffin.  'Runaway' can be found on their latest album, 'Innerworld'.


Of Note: Catey Shaw, ‘Outerspace’

Of Note: Catey Shaw, ‘Outerspace’

Catey Shaw, who hails from Brooklyn, NY, has released her second EP which includes the singles ‘Brooklyn Girls’ and ‘Human Contact’.  She recently wrote a piece for The Huffington Post in reaction to Taylor Swift pulling all her music from Spotify, coming out in favor of the music site.  She’s also a very gifted painter.

I stumbled on her song ‘Outerspace’, from the same EP, and was immediately won over.  She has an incredible sense of melody and I think the lyrics are clever and sweet.

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